New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training and Registration 2020


New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

Registered Yoga Alliance Australia (RYA) 200-hour yoga teacher training in stunning New Zealand, with Julie Stephens.

WHERE: Founders, Nelson, NZ.
WHEN: Friday 20th March – Tuesday 7th April, 2020.

I’ve recently completed Julie’s 200 hour yoga teacher training course and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences! I went into the course just wanting to deepen my practice and ended up taking away so much more. Julie is an inspiring teacher with years of life experience. She put a lot of thought into the course and it showed. She introduced us to a variety of exciting yoga practitioners, one being Vaidyar Mani, who is a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner from Singaporean, who truly spoke from his heart. We also had some great experiences, from morning meditation on top of the hill, near the centre of NZ to a few brilliant days in Golden Bay. I’ve left the course so inspired and motivated to keep up with all that I’ve learnt. If you’re thinking of doing this course, go for it! You won’t regret it! Janice Coyle

Yoga Teacher Training, NZ

Yoga Teacher Training, NZ, 2019

This yoga teacher training is for those of you who are serious about taking the first step to becoming a dedicated yoga teacher and for those who aren’t necessarily interested in teaching but just want to immerse yourself in your daily Asana practice and develop an overall deeper understanding of the path of Yoga. 

It is not intended to be a complete Yoga Teacher Training, as this takes many years of comprehensive study, experience and dedication. However, it will give you a good solid and professional foundation, covering the main principles of yoga.

The 200-hour training program has been carefully designed to allow you to embark on a 20 day journey of your own self exploration and empowerment; in other words ‘returning home’, coming back to your true self. You will also develop a strong and consistent Asana, Meditation and Pranayama practice, which will allow you to build your own authentic yoga practice and teaching style if this is the path you choose to take.   There is no pressure as everyone will be at slightly different levels of experience. It is more important that you work at your own level and know that you are in a supportive environment to progress when you are ready.

On your days off (which will be two) you will have the opportunity to explore the local area or just have a well deserved rest!

Golden Bay, New Zealand

This training will enable you to progress in a capable, confident, dedicated way and therefore raise teacher training standards.

All modules need to be completed in order to graduate and receive your RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Alliance Certificate which is recognised internationally.  

You will need to register with Yoga Alliance Australia –

It is highly recommended but not required as part of the certification,  that a 10 day Vipassana is completed within the year following this training and a minimum of 6 months of voluntary/donation basis teaching is offered to a welfare organisation of your choice or a community class is setup at a local yoga studio.  This suggestion is to give you more experience and depth in your own self development and offering your services is a nice way to give a little back.

If you are a Nelson local, then I am more than happy to help you setup these classes.  It is recommended that feedback forms are given to all students in order to become the best possible teacher you can be :).

Why choose Teacher Training with Julie Stephens?

My commitment to you is to present the best quality experience possible and honour every one of you as individuals. This Yoga Teacher Training is very thorough and upholds a standard of professionalism and devotion to this ancient practice, while supporting and responding to the needs of each individual.


I recently completed Julie’s 200 hr/21 day Yoga Teacher Training program in Nelson and found it to be an incredible experience. Whether you’re considering commencing your journey of becoming a teacher or like myself, to mainly delve deeper into traditional yoga practice & knowledge with the possibility of later becoming a teacher, Julie’s extensive knowledge and worldly experience in Yoga combined with the stunning location of Nelson made it a highly worthwhile experience. Although quite an intense course involving many hours & a lot of content to be covered in a short period, I feel very accomplished, privileged and grateful post completion. Most of all my practice and passion for yoga has grown wonderfully! Thank you again, so very much Julie x

Kahli Smith

I am very excited about passing on the knowledge and experience that I have amassed over the past 20 years from great yoga teachers around the world.

Whether you intend to use this Level 1 Training as an opportunity to deepen your own practice or as a stepping stone towards completing your Level 2 training, it will inspire you to maintain a strong devoted daily yoga practice and give you the tools to confidently share your teachings with others.

You will be fully supported during and after the training. 

So, if you are ready for a transformational adventure of a lifetime, then come and join us here in beautiful Nelson, New Zealand.

Please read the training policies.


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