Yoga Teacher Training FAQ

With the next teacher training fast approaching, I am getting a lot of teacher training questions from people that obviously need a little more clarification.  As below.

Q.  Does the cost of the teacher training include accommodation or food? 

A.  For our time here in Nelson the food and accommodation is not included in the price but for the 3 nights up at Anahata retreat, all meals, transport there and back and 3 nights of shared accommodation is included.  If you wanted your own room then you would just pay the difference.  

Q.   Are there many options close by for accommodation as I would be travelling from out of the area so would need somewhere to stay and possibly transport? 
I have never been to Nelson so not sure if I’ll be walking or is public transport an option? 

A.  There is plenty of accommodation options close to Founders Park, Nelson, where the training will be held.  One of my last trainees stayed in an Airbnb just up the road, so you it would be easy to get something affordable and comfortable within walking distance.  Also I have a yoga student that owns Tasman Bay Backpackers, which is only a 5 minute walk to Founders Park.  They have single and double accommodation options and at this time of year it will be off peak, so more affordable.   If you need help with organising this side of things, let me know and I can send you through a few options.

 Q.  I might have missed it somewhere, but Do you have an example of what a typical day during training looks like? Start/ end times etc  
A.  We start our day at 6.30 – 9 am which is our daily practice of Meditation, Pranayama and Asana.  

9 – 10 is breakfast.  

10 – 1 pm lectures or workshops.

1 – 2 pm lunch

2 – 5.30/6 pm lectures or workshops.  Mondays and Wednesdays will be slightly longer as you will be either doing or observing some of the public classes that I will be teaching.

It is expected that a minimum of 1-2 hours of self study; reading, assignments and class structuring is done in the evenings on a daily basis.  You will also be given some preparatory work to complete before the training starts.  This will be sent through to you once you have registered and paid.

Q.  How many people do you take in your training groups? 

A.  The training groups are anywhere from 6 – 10.

Q.  In regards to becoming yoga alliance registered is this a fairly simple process once completed?

A.   I have heard that it is but if you are not sure it’s probably better to check directly with Yoga Alliance.

Q.  I am assuming the price noted is in NZ dollars.  What is the current exchange rate? Essentially how much will I be paying in US dollars for the training.

A.  Yes the amount is in NZD.  If you were paying the early bird price of $3250 NZD, this would work out to be approximately $2205 USD on todays rate.

Q.  What is your maximum enrolment for the course?  Other instructors besides you?  

A.  We are fortunate enough to have a few different guest teachers presenting their strengths such as Lindsey Ellison who has been a practising Chiropractor for the past 20 years and will be teaching the Yoga Anatomy and Physiology.  Nicky Hewitt will present a full day on Ayurvedic and another two guest teachers will be part of the training.

Q.  I would want to camp and rent a bike to use for transportation. In my research so far, it seems like it would be easy for me to camp within the city itself and bike around Nelson. Thoughts on this idea?

A.  Very easy to camp and get around Nelson either on foot or bike.  It is a pleasant place to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings.

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