Yoga at Luminate Festival, New Zealand

During my time up at Luminate I won’t be teaching my Monday classes but will be teaching my 6.30 am Tuesday class and Wednesday (Waitangi day) I will also be teaching my 9.15 am deep stretch class and 5.30 pm Yang/Yin.

So if you are in for an adventure, then come on up and enjoy some truly epic experiences day and night at Luminate with a smorgasboard of workshops, treatments, lectures, circus fun, yoga and music gigs, revealing a glimpse into the diversity of world music that can be found in 5 music zones.

Music is a significant aspect of Luminate, honoring our connection to the ancient intuition of beats, layered sounds and harmonies that awake the desire to dance and be present with divine source energy, fun, fun, fun :).

My Sunday morning yoga session will be a Yang/Yin class with focus on finding the balance on all levels and grounding down, especially as the energy of the festival will be super high! The Yang part will be stronger and more dynamic, warming the body up in preparation for the Yin part which will still incorporate active stretching but with longer holds and focusing on moving inwards, practicing the art of pratchyhara (withdrawing our senses from the chaotic outside world to our quiet, calm inside world).

The Monday morning session we will prepare the body to be able to explore bird poses (arm balances) comfortably and safely. This session will require a certain amount of strength and flexibility.

Luminate Festival

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