Yoga Inversion Workshops

with Julie on Saturday 28th January, 2017

All levels welcome

Yoga Inversion Workshop, Nelson, NZ

WHEN:  Sat 28th January 2017

WHERE: Hot Yoga Studio, 20 Nile St West, Nelson

TIME: 10-12pm

COST: Pre-paid $40, on the day $45

Call Julie on 0221 987 348 or  to make a payment

or  pay cash to Julie directly at the studio.   If you would like to send me a message, click here

What do Yoga Inversion Workshops do for us?

  • They revitalise our whole system
  • By turning ourselves upside down we  reverse  the effects of gravity
  • Improved organ function and  circulation
  • Cells are nourished aiding in the anti-  ageing process
  • Develop upper body strength and one  pointed focus

These are just a few of the beneficial effects Yoga inversions have on the body.

On more of a mental level,  yoga inversions teach us to open our minds to be able to see the world from a totally different perspective.

This Inversion Yoga Workshop will cover in detail the preparatory steps we need to take in order to practice handstands and forearm balances, comfortably and safely.

It will be a great opportunity for those wanting to take the next step at whatever level you are at and to overcome a fear of being upside down.

It will be a fun safe environment with no pressure whatsoever.

NB: Anyone with high blood pressure or any other health issues, please consult a Dr before attending this workshop.                                                

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