Why should you practice yoga?


Why should you practice yoga? Because it is the tool for finding balance in your life.



Some days you may need to release more energy to calm your body and mind. On these days, your practice can be more vigorous, increasing your heart rate, matching your breath with movement (Vinyasa) and warming the body and mind in preparation for more challenging postures.

Other days you may have low energy, so it might be a good time to honor and nurture your body and move slowly, taking time with the stretches, tuning into the alignment and focusing on the breath.

There are other times when you may want to focus on strengthening your body, holding poses for longer periods of time to challenge your muscles and strength of mind. These sessions will hold you in good stead when you move through more challenging times in your life outside of class.

If you have the opportunity to practice outdoors in nature, then you can really begin to connect to the natural rhythm and energy of nature and deepen your practice to just ‘being’, taking the time to tune into all the senses.

There is a wide variety of styles to fit every personality and body need and if you feel that a class situation is not for you, then one to one sessions might be more beneficial.

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