Private Yoga Sessions

Photo of Julie Stephens teaching a yoga class

Organise your yoga retreat or private yoga sessions now.

Do you have a group of students/friends that you would like to bring to sunny Nelson, NZ to share an amazing holiday escape with and not have to organise a thing?

What I am offering you is a unique opportunity to get your very own tailor-made yoga retreat organised.

My job will be to set everything up for you and your group so you can focus on having a good time, indulging in all the great activities that Nelson has to offer and making the most of your time here!

All you need to do is send me through your details with a list of your requirements and we’ll create the perfect package for you 🙂

Or if it is one on one you were after, these yoga sessions are a great opportunity to develop more depth and understanding in your practice. These private yoga sessions are especially beneficial if you are dealing with ongoing structural issues from past injuries or general wear and tear,  or just don’t feel comfortable in a class situation.

YOGA GURU!!!” It’s obvious that Julie is passionate and dedicated to yoga and has been for a long time. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to practice under Julie’s guidance. What an amazing teacher – she has this extra sense to know just what you need. She is so full of enthusiasm and knowledge and occasionally she will throw in a posture I have never done before even though I have been practicing for many years. Do a yoga practice with Julie and you’ll walk out feeling like you can conquer the world!!” Wendy Ezendam

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